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Free Shipping Over $250 AUD | Free Returns


Skye Walker Art Show


I was so honored and stoked when Vuori approached me about doing an art show this past summer. To do a solo show in their pop-up shop in the amazing town of Encinitas, CA sounded amazing, I didn’t even think twice about it and I jumped on board.

Skye Walker Art

Luckily I had enough time to prepare a show with a theme and really put some solid studio hours into the art. Doing shows can be stressful and challenging, but this one just made sense right off the bat.

The show is entitled “B A L A N C E”. For me, this means the balance of nature and our interaction with our surroundings. Everything has it’s place in the world and there is a delicate balance to it all, and while I couldn’t even begin to paint all of those themes, I wanted to tap into it in a small way.

Skye Walker ArtSkye Walker BalanceSkye Walker Varnish

I created 26 new and original pieces for this show. But the main focus is a large piece called: “Balance of the Elements”. It’s twenty, 20”x20” individual canvases who all share the same flowing background, but then each canvas has central focus. So while they all exist together as one giant piece, they can all live on their own as singular pieces of art. Even if you rearrange the order they are hung up in, they would still connect and make sense.

This was a challenge to create and have it make sense. But as I started to paint, it all unfolded organically. I painted the base layers at the Enjoy Handplanes warehouse (thanks guys!) in Vista, CA as it was too big to paint in my home studio. Then I brought them all home and continued painting each piece and rotating through them until they were all complete for 3 weeks straight. I’m very proud and excited for people to finally see this art in person and all together. If al the pieces sell separately, this piece will never be shown like this again as a whole.

The painting entitled “Balance” depicts the balance of humans and nature in a surrealistic manner. A woman floating above a sea with a tree and roots hovering behind her, depicting a delicate, gentle and calm balance that exists in our daily lives.

The team at Vuori has been amazing and the themes in my art, which are generally about nature and how humans interact with our surroundings ties in with their themes of sustainability and being conscious of our footprint on this planet. I’m so stoked to have worked on this show with them and I can’t wait for more collaborations. 

I hope everyone who comes to the show is excited as I am and really enjoys "B A L A N C E” as it’s a unique show in the best town on earth; Encinitas, California. 

Skye Walker x Vuori

Thank you so much to Vuori for all the support and for having me create this show!