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Introducing our newest collaborator, William Goodge

"The beautiful thing about running is sometimes I don't think about anything, I get lost, it feels meditative. Whatever happens when I'm out there putting one foot in front of the other, when I finish the run I always feel better, more calm..."

William Goodge 

Female Fitness Instructor Wearing Vuori Black Jogger Sweatpants

We are excited to announce the addition of our newest Vuori Collaborator, William Goodge. William is an Ultra Runner from the UK who recently become a source of inspiration in the running world when he ran across the United States in just 55 days to raise money for cancer charities in honor of his late mother who passed away from cancer in 2018. His drive, mindset, and dedication to his sport are beyond impressive and truly exemplify everything we love about “The Rise. The Shine”. We are so happy to have William join the Vuori community and can’t wait to see how he continues to shake up the world of running. Read below to learn more about this inspiring athlete. 

Girl Climbing Rock
Guy climbing rock

The archetype of an Ultra Runner is a slender, nature loving, traditional running background with a singular focus on their sport and breaking world records.  These traits don’t hold true for William Goodge whose jet setting lifestyle, diverse interests, deep motivations, unique style, and muscled physique defy convention.  The former UK rugby player and model has become one of the most accomplished Ultra Runners while traveling the world living his aspirational lifestyle while pushing the boundaries of what is possible.   

William’s career as an Ultra Runner was motivated by the death of his mom from cancer coupled with an end to his career playing professional rugby due to head injuries.  Will unexpectedly took up running (something he hated to do) as a coping mechanism to make him feel better and regain a healthy mindset. When we asked Will how running had impacted his mental health he shared that, “Running gave me ultimate space to think through things without distraction. It handed me a usable physical outlet for energy I had stemming from an emotional place. There is something about moving whilst considering bigger questions or thoughts that feels more progressive to me. Progress in anything requires movement towards something or change, so when I am struggling being stagnant is when I feel like thoughts or scenarios play out over and over without resolution. The beautiful thing about running is sometimes I don't think about anything, I get lost, it feels meditative. Whatever happens when I'm out there putting one foot in front of the other, when I finish the run I always feel better, more calm, or have come to a more sound decision about something.”

Girl Climbing Rock
Guy climbing rock


Curious to get to know will better, we asked him some rapid-fire questions about his life, experience running across the US, and any advice he might have for those of us wanting to get into running.


Favorite song to run to?

It’s ever changing and situation dependent. But 3 random favorites - Skepta - It Ain't Safe, when I need to rage, Kelis & Andre 3000 - Millionaire perfect tempo song and Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing a perfect 'sexy pace' song.

Favorite pre run snack?

In the morning it will be a bowl of cereal, any other time, a banana.

Favorite way to decompress and recover?

Hot cold therapy + sleep. Simple but the most effective.

Favorite state that you ran through when you ran across America?

Arizona, I found it other worldly visually and some of the experiences were profound.

Was there a state or particular place you really did not enjoy running through?

Sorry Oklahoma, most miles were a copy and paste of the ones previously. Towards the east side of the state it did get really beautiful and offered more than just straight roads surrounded by fields!

What was a high from your run across the states and what was a low?

The high was the finishing day. So many beautiful things happened across the country, surrounded by some of the most important people in my life, but the end. The whole day felt like a dream and when you finish something so big, it's hard to describe the high you feel. The low was day 17, the only day I did less than 50 miles. I felt broken, I feared this was the beginning of a decline that I would have to endure until the finish. However, it also offered a lot of clarity and a lesson. I ran 47.5 miles and was already over a day ahead of schedule. Why panic and struggle more to go a fraction of the way further, when I could rest up and recover properly and then make it up tomorrow. I did. I then felt more confident in decision making and knowing when to push harder and when to potentially pull back.

What is your best piece of advice for someone wanting to get into running?

Never be afraid to walk. If you think I'm a great runner, understand I walk a lot on the biggest challenges. When starting out it's all about getting base mileage so you have the confidence and foundation to build from. So, when you go out for your first runs, recognize you don't have to run every step. It's better to go out and run 400m, walk for 2 minutes and then do 400m again than it is to do 600m, have to stop and then give up because you think that walking is a bad thing. Think bigger picture, build miles!

What's the most significant lesson you've learned from your experiences from ultra-running? How has it shaped your perspective on life?

A simple question I ask myself has taken me further than I could ever imagine, and it transfers to the rest of life. 'Can I take another step forward?' the answer is always yes. In the race or challenge it's very rare another step is impossible. In life that step forward is equally simple, any kind of progress is progress.


We couldn’t be happier to have William join the Vuori family. Be sure to stay tuned to @vuoriclothing for more with Will throughout the year!